Monday, July 13, 2020

What unique, pushable objects can you find in... #1 Yalahar

Hello! This article starts whole series of articles about unique "pushable" objects and is the beginning of fantastic adventure with site dedicated entirely to the decoration of Tibian houses. I hope You like this idea and everyone will find something for themselves on our site.... and yours houses will be even more attractive than ever!

As the first city I chose Yalahar, which is quite an expensive city. Houses on popular servers cost a lot, the rent is also high, and decorating such large spaces requires a lot of Tibiacoins. They are also more difficult due to the fact that there aren't too many furniture / objects that we can bring "for free" but I found some interesting options and today I'll tell you about them.
Potted flower | Standing mirror | Ornamented stone table | Ball on chains

About how to find and transport the objects, you will find out from the video below. Potted flower is a really universal object, it will be useful for compositions of flower stacks, especially it looks grat hidden under other plants from store. Standing mirror is a nice option for those who are bored with hanging mirrors. This is only one item from mentioned that We can rotate. It gives us even more possibilities of use. In my opinion it is the most interesting item that We can find in Yalahar. For me, Ornamented Stone Table is the most difficult item to use. Why? It has specific visualization, cause when We put something on it, it crates effect of 'flying in the air'. After all, It can be used in a cool way. Last thing is ball of chains. It looks quite menacing and dangerous but I think that with a little effort it can look good even in girls' houses.  Video is also available with English subtitles!

For the purposes of this article, I created some new interior designs and also used a few older. I hope you like it.

In this decoration I decided to use all objects except the mirror. I'll try to make deco with small room, because  it's worse for me. From the beginning I thought to make small bedrooms in these towers, but I don't think this room is suitable for male GH... and I'll have to redo it a bit, what do You think?

The second suggestion definitely focused on potted flower and ornamented stone table. Sun Palace GH is a powerful space that is difficult to plan. Inspiration for this decoration was a garden in ruins, but also a paradise island. Such a garden in ruins on a paradise island, haha. I think that such a floral composition and chilling corner on the terrace is a great idea in guildhouses.

The room with 6sqms is a big challenge! There is really little space to use and hard to make it look interesting. In my opinion, the smallest item - ball on chains worked out perfectly here. As I wrote at the beginning, this specific item can even fit in a girl's house with a little effort.

At the end of the article, I already made two decorations in my home. The only thing I didn't use was ornamented stone table, but I'm going to use it in the future. One deco, in shades of brown and green I made first for my owls, but finally I decided to have these cuties on the lower floor and this is my current version of the house.

That's all today. I hope You enjoy this article! Of course, if you make any interesting decorations with these objects, I encourage you to upload photos to instagram from #tibiastyle @tibiastyleofficial or to send by email - I'll gladly share your work. Be sure to write what city you would like to see next time! :)


  1. Naprawdę dobry film. Nie wiedziałem, że można przerzucać przedmioty w tamtym miejscu do orków w dzielnicy cudzoziemców. Cenna wiedza. Jest szansa na "PUSHABLE OBJECTS" w Darashii ?

    1. oo, dziękujemy bardzo :) Oczywiście, będzie materiał dla każdego miasta. Na razie skupiłam się na Oramond, ale w darashii też jest dużo fajnych przedmiotów.