Monday, August 24, 2020


Hi! Today I have another part of the "HOME MAKEOVERS" series. Wojownik Muffin bought a house and asked me to help with decorate it. After a short discussion, we all agreed unanimously that it would be nice to keep the Svargrond vibe and make icy and snowy decoration here. 

Norelli once did some very nice competition entries - an ice bar and a Christmas decoration. This time I was decorating myself, but she allowed me to be inspired by this ideas.

In a small room I used a sleigh and blue tree... I must admit that white carpets and flour imitate snow so realistic! In a medium-sized room, I made a bedroom. It's modest but cozy. We decided to buy new beds with balloon cloth under them (how to get this item can be found in our tutorial) and also introduced small accents - fenneck, book and clock.

The main object of my activities was a large room. I really like this Norelli' version of the ice bar, so I'll try to created it and I love it... Especially that stack with ice cream! There was also what Svargrond is known... delicious, fresh fish! :) There was place for them and on the tables, but even on the walls. This house have corner with table for guests too. I also made a small fountain. It's very likeable on Instagram, but I changed it a bit. Hope you like it!

Cask of brown ale is an item that is even necessary to create a bar. We can find such filling casks in some guildhouses or taverns, but we can buy an imitation of a barrel from Black Bert.



blue square cushion | x10 ice flowers | energy vein | zaoan chess figurine 
 flower pot blue | crystal of balance | badbara | small ice statue

big snow ball - x2 snowball | crawler's essence | ice shield

thick fur | silver nuggets | cocount shrimp bake | x10 blueberries | fish/fishes

BRRRR! so cold. Hope you like this idea. Thank you for trusting Muffin :) I look forward to your comments, don't be afraid to ask for items or other stacks! I will be happy to answer.

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