Thursday, August 13, 2020


There was a decoration contest recently on our instagram. We received 11 nice applications and we are very pleased with quality. We have chosen universal decorations, what could be permanently in our homes. Thank You for all your submissions and please send us your work by email []. We'd love to add them to the article soon!


1st place - 100 Tibia Coins - Kriiz Weeping

2nd place - 50 Tibia Coins - Dimentia

3rd - 25 Tibia Coins - Sona Lee

4rd - extra place - 25 Tibia Coins - Oleevia 

Tibia coins have been sent

Currently, there is a lottery on Instagram in which you can win 500 tibia coins!

A L L   E N T R I E S

Lula Petit / Psykeeh / Griggi 

Magiska Malin / Patry czek / Chellmi Bittersweet 


  1. "hashtag #tibiastyle and @tibiastyleofficial (and add this on photo too!)"
    Winner second place and 4 place did not do and win. Nice rules. I see friends win, fair

    1. I actually added @tibia... on my picture on Instagram post! Just check my post and you will see it! Regards, Oleevia

    2. You know, we also told that accounts shouldn't be private, and yet we decided to consider all entries that was submitted. In addition, I awarded one prize more, even though it wasn't planned. It was obligatory to mark on photo and hashtag, marking in the text isn't important. Forgive me if you misunderstand something. All staff members added scores to the work on a scale from 1 to 11 points. All entries were awarded according to the scale, kriz received 31 points, dimentia 27 points, sona lee 23 points and oleevia 22. This is the first competition, I wanted to be tolerant for every entry and small mistakes. Nobody won because we know from Instagram or whatever. Time spent and hard work - it's important to win. At least someone wanted to make us happy with the results. I'm very sorry to introduce such a version and insinuation. I hope everyone is satisfied with the results, I tried very hard to judge the works fairly :)