Saturday, August 15, 2020


Yesterday, a month has passed since our website - TibiaStyle was opened. We've been working hard on each article during this time and we're not going to slow down! Our main goal is to create accurate and concise materials. We focus on quality, not quantity.

This article introduces a new section on the site - Interior Metamorphoses! We will create metamorphoses in various ways: houses, guild houses - chosen by us, but also those that you can submit in our website! the application form will be available soon.

Ok! Let's start the new section Interior Metamorphoses with an article about the house, "Upper Swamp Lane 8” located in Thais. This is one of the most beautiful houses in Tibia. Our team loves to create decorations there, so when Devsix from Secura came to us with a request to refresh his house, we couldn't refuse! Many of you will recognize this house that has been filled with valuable items for a long time. The owner moved the items to his second location in Edron. Our mission was to create a quiet corner without valuables. Hmm...mission accepted! Together with Norelli and our helpers (Thanks to Mikolaj and Patryk for your help!) we created the house of an artist who definitely loves nature. 

When creating decorations for this house, we focused mainly on the garden. The garden was to be colorful and atmospheric, just like those that often appear in the paintings. We hope, you will like the final effect! There is a river, a fountain and a place to relax. The balcony is full of flowers, plants and animals. We have created a painting corner for a real artist, both in open and closed spaces. We left elements from the previous decor in the room on the ground floor, because we liked the arrangement of the items. We only made minor changes to keep it consistent with the entire home. Created room is something between the office and the living room. Our team and the owner of the house are very pleased with the effect. We hope you will like it too!

G R O U N D    F L O O R

F I R S T   F L O O R

S E C O N D   F L O O R

F I NA L    R E S U L T

if you want to ask for stacks don't be afraid! write a comment :)

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