Sunday, August 9, 2020

What unique, pushable objects can you find in... #2 Edron/Cormaya


Hello! Today I want to tell You about pushable obiejcts in Edron/Cormaya. If you have house here or want to have it's perfect article for You.

There aren't many of them, but set of wooden furniture and leaves are definitely worth to see! Items have simply design, and we can obtain them in many cities of Tibia. I often use them in my decorations on the FACC land.
wooden cabinet | leaves (ramo) | wooden trunk | timber chair

Of course, we have video tutorial about it with english subtitles on our YT channel.

Despite the availability of furniture in other cities, I won't show them because we will create unnecessary mess on the site. Today we will only focus Cormaya and Edron. I have some decorations for You from the people who live in these cities.

Antica - 'Castle Shop 3' - Razz Attack 

This is one of my favorite houses in Tibia. I believe that boards on the walls and counter makes house very difficult to decorate. Especially when they are small. This house is proof that with a little effort you can create something beautiful even with a difficult space.

Antica - 'Stonehome Village 4' - Rektby Nappz

This interior is a collaborative project because we helped a little to decorate it. The owner had no idea for house, so together we focused on the items he already had. It's much easier to create something from "zero", but much more difficult when you have store items that you should use. Although I'm not a fan of these colours,  but I was really pleased of the results. The owner also, and this is probably the most important :)

Antica - 'Central Circle 1' - Ozen

A mansion that most of us just love to see. Nothing unusual! House is far from simple decor, but the owner is a wonderful and modest person. What I really like about Ozen's house is that the appearance doesn't change drastically, but only adds new details sometimes. The leaves fit perfectly in this green room. What do you think?

Antica - 'Castle Shop 1' - Mikolaj

Green and dark wood are one of my favorite color combinations in the game. I really like the forest that Mikołaj created. As far as I know, the house is new and the decoration has been moved from the previous one - I think it's a great idea! it turns out that some decorations can be universal for many houses. I don't know if Mikołaj decide make some changes in future, but I hope if so, I'll show them on the website as well.
Before/After by me - Antica - 'Cormaya 11' - Crusader Overseas

The last one is decoration-metamorphosis of Cormaya 11, which I made specially for this article. Although I often use community decorations and my older works, but I also want completely new materials on this site. The budget to create this house was really small, the decorative items cost maybe 500k. I used the furniture from the store already available at the house, and also brought the free ones. Finally, I got a "painting office" and I think it looks pretty cool. Here you can see before version

Thank you so much boys, who decided to share their houses with me. I believe that They are very talented people with good taste, so they aren't here by accident. I hope You will like them and the whole article will be helpful :)

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