Thursday, September 3, 2020


Hi! Today I want to introduce another section - the "interesting item". In this section we will talk about, as the name suggests - interesting items in whole Tibia, especially those that can be found on the map and might be transferable in your backpack. First, I want to show You two items - Balloon Cloth and Luminescent Crystals, these items was inspiration for our first contest.

 Balloon Cloth is an item that can be found in Oramond. Formerly very rare to get, spawned only on new worlds. Today available for everyone every server save. Where can we find it? On our Youtube You will find a tutorial about it!

How to use it? We can make clouds, snow... there are many options, and this white color is universal for any style. I created a cloud-based bedroom in my house. The balloons are nice to cover the space and the corners that lack carpets.

Author: Tynusiiaa
Luminescent Crystals we need them to complete one of the Feaster of Souls Quest missions. How to get them? on our YT You will also find a guide about it. They are beautiful, individually in larger and small amounts. They also gives a delicate light, which makes them very good to use as a lighting effect.

Author: Dracek
This decoration was made by Dracek specially for this article. He also created a bedroom, but in unusual colors - purple, various types of red and wood. I like this non-obvious color combination very much, and You?


Guildhouse by Mangoleo [Instagram]
Lovely garden by Psykeeh [Instagram]

Colorful jungle with bridge and water by Chellmi Bittersweet [Instagram]

Amazing Bedroom by Magiska Malin [Instagram]

House by Kriiz Weeping [Instagram]
Luxury style balcony by Dimentia [Instagram]
House of runes by Griggi [Instagram]

Ryocrits, Quintera [instagram]

Incredible roof composition by Luna Bathory Hetfield [Instagram]

Thank You very much, guys for sending your decorations for this article.
the material was prepared on the basis of the source [link] and own knowledge

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