Thursday, September 24, 2020

Quest Items | The Krailos Quest

Hi! Today, another edition of "Quest Items" section. In this article, we will focus on Krailos Quest. Many of us do this only for achievements, because it isn't very functional. However, this Quest have many nice items for decorations.

1. You can complete missions in any order, for example: you can do tasks for Grubokk without starting the remaining missions in village.
2. After completed quest, You won't be able to get most of the items so you should stock up.

Ancient Krailos Amulet - Item can be obtained without starting the Quest. When You throwing it on the ground, You can take as much as you want without a cooldown. You can repeat it as many as you want. If once you pass the mission, it cannot be removed.

Voodoo lily pollen - You can get one piece every hour from only one flower. You dont need to take mission, You can collect them even when You do further missions, but after completed Quest it isn't possible.

The best spot to do it is nearby protection zone and nex to depot
Dragon Egg Shells - Same as with voodoo lily pollens, You can pick them up once an hour, but not after completing the quest.
Voodoo lily pollen & dragon egg shells together make Grey-blue powder. It's so nice!

Ogre beer - You can take it multiple times with cooldown around 5-10minutes. It's part of the daily task so it's possible even after completing the quest, even if you have it in backpack.

Trapped Hyena - You can make this mission many times. The mission renews approximately 5-10 minutes. Once  You catch Hyaena, put her in storage and ask for missions again. You will get a new quest log and item, and the hyena in the hole needs to renew. After completing the task it isn't possible.

Poison salt crystals - Two crystals can be obtained during the "Sabotage" mission. We can put them in dp and do them again. Warning! There is a little mistake here. When we want to do this task, we must first take another one and then sabotage again. Crude water conveyors we do only  once,  but each time we need a new hammer (which we can find in goblin bodies)

Conversation with Npc for the first time: according to the spoiler.
Talk to npc the second time: Hi > task > sabotage > poison/flood > sabotage

Ogre Rune Stones - Same as with red paint. I have no information if we will get these items again.

Red paint (bowl) - You can create this from dragon egg shells + lily pollen + red paint. There's no way to get paint again so if you want this item you can't continue quest * test was done weekly, tried many options - if cooldown is longer and there is an option to get the item please contact us again!

Shark teeth we need also to make achievement, so you can obtain it after quest too. Cooldown is around 10mins.

These are all items. They aren't disappear and we can freely use them in decoration. My favourites: poison salt crystals are the prettiest but in my opinion it's difficult to decorate. I also like voodoo lily pollen and trapped hyaena very much.

Here are two decorations with these items:

Special thanks to Magiska Malin from Antica who made one decoration SPECIALLY for this article. Thank You so so much, sweetie! [HER INSTAGRAM]

I always remember about Your help, I hope many of You will be willing to help. We create this page together! I'd very much like all helpers to be rewarded in the future. 


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  1. Naprawdę bardzo fajny artykuł! Nie zdawałem sobie sprawy, że można zdobyć tutaj tak przydatne itemy do dekoracji!
    Na pewno wykorzystam je u siebie!