Thursday, September 17, 2020

Quest Items | Plants from "Collect" task - Children of Revolution Quest

Hi! Another novelty in today's article. I want a lot of variety on the website, so I'm introducing new, and then we will expand each section.

New section named "Quest Items" - but if you have a better idea, let us know. We'll write about quests, but with focus on items. As many of them are really cool and can be obtained even multiple times before completing the quest. I know, we can buy some of these from Black Bert (if you need my opinion on this, let me know! In a comment or poll on Instagram), but more important are ones that can't be bought.

  Small test in Devsix' house, Secura

Moonkeep Guildhouse "Messiahs of Bedlam" Antica

First, We choose "Collect" task from Chartan (Children Of Revolution Quest). It's so cool that You can make it after completing the Quest without limit

In this task You can get plants that are often used in decorations, and no wonder - they are great and I use them very often. My favorites are the toxic tulip seeds and the rotten witches cauldron.

Thofas, Kalibra


Unfortunately, we need to complete part of the quest, but it's not a problem, because this Quest is one of the most important ones and for sure each of us has completed it or planning do it. As I wrote earlier, You can complete this task after completed Quest too. You can also buy and sell plants at the market.

In this task, You can get 7 different plants.  You can only pick the bushes that are in the Zao gardens! (Corrupted Gardens) 

Conversation with Chartan when you have completed Quest: Hi > collect > yes > yes

our questlog will be updated.

Shrubs and plants assigned to them:

2nd Toxic Tulip Seed3rd Screaming Cherry4th Witherblosom 

5th Tonguefruit 6th Sprocketwhip Cone 
7th Rotten Witches Cauldron Seed8th Meaty Vortex

My favorite place (and the best in my opinion) is this cave, because You can find almost all pieces in it. The Rotten Witches Cauldron is on the left side of the garden.

You can do task many times per day. You don't have to cut every plants, You can only choose the ones that interest you. If You want to pick up a plants again, you should put the backpack with plants on the ground, otherwise You won't get a new task.


Tynusiiaa, Antica
Dracek, Antica
Holistico, I found them on IG or google in the past
Mangoleo, Luminera
First trying by me in Devsix' House, Secura
Southern Thais Guildhall "Jaszczompy", Bona
Elistra Nela, Antica (decoration no longer exists)
Another trying in Devsix' House, Secura

We wish you no limit fun with it! Show us your decorations on Instagram!

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