Wednesday, October 21, 2020


Skeppy, Antica
Hi! Today in article I was suggesting Your request because community are extremely important to us! I'm not good with Halloween decorations, but I hope you like our ideas. I will show you both items that can be used, and a few decorations inspirations.


 wand of dimensions / underworld rod / scythe of the reaper 
 ron the ripper's sabre / phantasmal axe / necrotic rod / excowtioner axe 


 dreaded cleaver / dragonbone staff / cranial basher 
brutetamer's staff / bone sword / bloody edge / skull staff 


batwing hat / bone shield / brain in a jar / dark lord's cape / dark whispers / death ring / demon shield

devil helmet / galea mortis / ghost backpack / koshei's ancient amulet 
necromancer shield / pair of nightmare boots / robe of the underworld

 shoulder plate / skull helmet / skullcracker armor / spirit guide 
the lethal lissy' shirt / vampire silk slipper / witch hat


vial with a skull cork / toy mouse / stimulated brain / steel spider silk
 spiderwebs clouds shreds / smoking coal / small dragon tear / skull of a caveman / skull fiddle

rotten heart of a tree / reinvigorating seeds / purifier for lost souls / orc skull 
omrabas' heart / minotaur skull / hat for eclesius dark / fleshy bone / fitzwilliam's special reserve 

 crimson nightshade blossoms / cave rat / cask goblin / bony rod / bone flute / bone fiddle / bat / anatomy book


ancient liche bone / bat wing / beast's nightmare cusion / bed of nails / behemoth claw 
 black hood / bloody pincers / bloody tears

 bone toothpick / bonecraving knife / bonelord eye / bones of zorvorax 
book of necromantic rituals / book of prayers / brooch of embracement / cat's paw

 cave devourer maw / cavebear skull / crueltys claw / cultish robe  cursed bone 
 demon dust / demonic skeletal hand / diabolic skull

dragon blood / figurine of cruelty / figurine of greed / figurine of hatred 
 figurine of malice / figurine of spite / giant eye / goblet of gloom

grimace / half eaten brain / hand / head  hemp rope / jagged sickle / jaws / katex' blood 

moohtant horn / morgaroth's heart / necromantic robe / orshabaal's brain
 pair of hellflayer horns / percht broom / percht horns / perfect behemoth fang

 petrified scream / rotten piece of cloth / scythe leg / shamanic talisman 
sight of surrender's eye / silencer claws / skull fetish / solid rage 

spider silk / stonerefiner's skull / the imperor's trident 
 trapped bad dream monster / troll skull / tusk / unholy book / waspoid claw

  werebadger claws / werebadger skull / werebear skull / werewolf fangs 
 wimp tooth chain / witch broom / yielocks


bat heart / curly hortensis lamp / demon pet / demon skull / demon statue / menacing tapestry 
minotaur skull /  pile of alchemistic books / skeletal set / skull lamp

balloon cloth / bat decoration / big bone / black raven / blac skull / blood herb / blood skull

small bone / bonebeast trophy / burnt scroll / cleaver / costume bag 
 death toll / demon trophy / demonic candy ball
demonic essence / demonic tapestry / dracolye statue / enigmatic voodoo skull / eye pod / fishbone  grey raven 

hoe / insectoid eggs / yellowed bone / larve / leather whip / blood / light shovel / maxilla maximus 

mini mummy / nightmare beacon / nightmare horn / nightmare teddy 
 phoenix egg / pirate tapestry / pitchfork / pot

psychadelic tapestry / pumpkin & pumpkinhead / scythe / skeleton decoration 
skull / skull candle / skull coin / spiderwebs

spooky hood / the skull of a beast / torn teddy / spider toy / vampire doll / voodoo doll / ghost claw


What's more terrifying than a corpse? in tibia we can find a lot of them, but few of them won't decay. On the internet you will find several tutorials, one of them I prepared by myself for TibiaQA, so I'll leave you a link here. The mummy's body is called mummy disguise and is a temporary item in What a Foolish Quest.


Grover Druid, Antica

Peasize Head, Firmera

From my private archive, don't remember owner. Maybe you know?

Huntsman Inn' Guildhouse, Antica, archive decoration 2019

Archive decoration by Tynusiiaa & Avantura

Preparing Halloween Party for Ferumbras (Tibiopedia 2019 contest) 

Andy Victorious, Soldiera

Meendel, Antica

Our entry for friendship contest by Alanui Institute!

WE WOULD BE NICE if you support the fun of our wonderful friends, so here is link to thread on forum! They waiting for entries -> Alanui Institute CONTEST

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