Saturday, October 31, 2020

Quest Items | The Gravedigger of Drefia Quest

Items that we can obtain are:

candle made of the human tallow / flute made of a single bone / omrabas' heart / shadow ashes 
hallowed bone (or big version) / full storage flask / small dragon tear / stimulated brain / insantation scroll 

Hi! Today's article is dedicated to the Quest of Gravedigger Drefia and the items that we can obtain from it. I started creating this material a long time ago and it was planned before the website was opened. I wanted to finish the material really good quality so it really took me a long time.

Quest requires 50lvl and it can be difficult for us to run the map on a similar or slightly higher level. About 100lvl can handle it without any problems.

Objects can be used in decoration because they don't disappear and we can make them many times. We source them all the same way. Great, right?

My favorite item has always been a candle. I have used it many times in the past. My motivation for choosing this quests was small dragon tears and shadow ashes. I saw them at someone's house and I just fell in love! The most popular are perhaps Omrabas' heart that each of us knows.


It is really very simple. Of course, we should make each mission according to the spoiler. But we want more pieces, so we have to repeat every mission. Each of the npcs, most Omrabas that gives us items will respond to the password "lost". obviously you can't have item/items in your backpack, so put it to the ground!

IMPORTANT! most of the mission behind the teleporters. When we have an item with us, and we get another one... when we exit the teleport, one of them disappears! That is why it's worth leaving them in front of the teleport, making new ones and then taking them back. 

once again, in short

1. Ask NPC for mission
2. make it according the spoiler
3. back to NPC, put items on the ground, ask "lost" - you get new mission/item
4. if it's "new mission" make it again
5. be careful with teleport' missions. leave your items in front of the teleport always because they will disappear! when you made mission, new item - take older items back. 
6. Most of mission ask Omrabas

for lost flute made of a single bone we should ask Elyen Ravenlock, not Omrabas

REWARD ITEM:Nail case is tammed item to catch Gravedigger but for me it isn't nice mount especially not worth to make for noobchars. But in my opinion nail case it can be useful item for decorations.


My old house Fortune Wing 4, Tynusiiaa

Northern Street 5, Antica by Tynusiiaa & Dracek

Luminous Arc 2, Antica by Tynusiiaa

By Keeweh, archive from Instagram

Big Game Hunter's Lodge, Secura owned by Lorenco


  1. useless. Tibiahome did it already

  2. Thank You for opinion. Our article includes whole Quest and all items. We have "Quest items" section for a long time and it was obvious that there will be ALL quests with quest items that can be used for decoration. It's also worth adding that it was my idea before open the website, and my co-owner who is currently in the tibiahome team knew about all my plans.

    I have been preparing the article for a long time because I like quality materials and I haven't given up on it or destroy my section because someone did it faster. This is mainly Polish and English website, have completely different readers. Many of our readers were satisfied with our article, and this is the most important thing for me :)

    If you like tibiahome content more than TibiaStyle - that's okay! of course you can have own choice. I hope you will find something for yourself in the future. I took my time to do this, so next time please think about what you write, Greetings!:)

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    1. We introduced this section to the website a long time ago. it was obvious that all quests would show up, including gravedigger of drefia. We can consider it as a coincidence or knowledge of our plans and use by our former subadmin - currently tibiahome staff member. however it really was, it doesn't matter now. We do our work best, but we can't always add everything first. Our team is much smaller. It was our plan for a long time and we implemented it 100% ourselves, and the only help for us was the spoiler. I looked again at the TibiaHome article and they are missing items: flute and scroll. We solve all missions to the end and make unique decorations for Our articles. here is screen from our discord - gravedigger drefia 01.10.2020r, TibiaHome added article 03.10

      Your accusations are wrong and untrue. We appreciate all opinions - nice and not nice as well... but they only matter to us when they are signed. Next time, attacking anonymous comments will not be accepted because it isn't place for it. Best regards and wish You more empathy! :)