Tuesday, October 6, 2020


Hi! Today we will talk about something that brings unique magic to our homes during the Tibian night - light sources. In the past I didn't pay attention to it as I rarely used lighting effects in Tibia, but I try to keep my house nicely lit. 

Is there a way to choose the perfect light? Not for me, each house and each decoration requires separate work in this category. This means that I cannot give you a proven recipe, but I want to show you at least with examples how it changes the interior. 

Lighting settings are also important during the game. The lights are slightly different on the Mac and Windows versions. During the game itself, I usually turn off the lights unless they are required to complete the mission. 

MAC: ambient light 100% / level separator 100% / clouds & indoor effects 0%

Windows: ambient light 75% / level separator 75% / clouds & indoor effects 0%

Here is the best settings for lights. But You should find your own idea for it!

There are so many things that give light: rare items, store items, valuables, equipment... it would be difficult to list them all in one post, so we want to focus on the most interesting ones.

giant sapphire / giant ruby / giant emerald / giant topaz

/ turquoise tendril lantern / purple tendril lantern 
/ glowing mushroom / black skull /

trapped lightning / glass of goo / eye of the storm / sun mirror

/ giant amethyst / lit torch (quest item) / mining helmet / 
/ zaoan figurine (jade zaoan pawn on ss, but all of them have light) /

green light / seacrest pearl / charged ghost charm / frozen starlight

sun catcher / moon mirror / starlight vial / devourer core

small lamp / crystal lamp / snow globe / candle made of human tallow

/ luminescent crystals / the orb of light undying /
/ the orb of life everchanging / imbuing crystal /


 'Underwood 7' by Dracek, owner Max Yield - Antica

Luminous Arc 2, Tynusiiaa - Antica

More about lights you can find in other fansites

Tibia Wiki - Light Sources
Tibiopedia - Źródła światła

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