Monday, November 30, 2020


Hey! Today I want to show You one beautiful item with daily respawn every server save. You can put it into backpack, so it's easier to transport than pushable objects.  We have 4 types of "ewer" in game but You can obtain only two versions for our houses.

silver / green / blue / golden

ewers, which we can obtain are:

  • Golden Ewer weight:17.50 oz
  • Silver Ewer weight:17.50 oz

I found four places when You can find silver ewer and one place with golden ewer. They are located on Northern Zao Plantations oraz Razchai.

You can find in game also item Ewer with holy water which is the part of Lion's Rock Quest and equivalent of blue ewer. This item dissappear around 4hrs, so it's useful only for fast or contest decorations.

If you want have access to these places you need Wrath of The Emperor Quest and other quests related with this (e.g. Children of Revolution czy New Frontier). But in my opinion these quests are important and we usually make them on our main chars. If you don't want make quests you can buy it on market too.

Emperor's Castle +1 floor

Emperor's Castle +2 floor

Northern Zao Plantations +2floor

Emperor's Castle 0 floor


Dracek' House, Antica

Dracek' House, Antica

Lumimous Arc 2, by Tynusiiaa, Antica

Carlin Clanhall by Tynusiiaa, archive

Wendel'Snake house, Kalibra by Tynusiiaa

Alanui Institute by Alanui, Antica, Archive

Alanui Institute by Alanui, Antica, Archive

Alanui Institute by Alanui, Antica
Devsix' Guildhouse by Myth Mine, Secura

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  1. Your decorations are always BREATHTAKING! ( º 3º) You're doing a great job