Wednesday, November 11, 2020

What unique, pushable objects can you find in... #3 Oramond / Rathleton

Hello! Today I want to tell You about pushable obiejcts in Oramond/Rathleton. If you have house here or want to buy - This article is perfect for You.

There are a lot of them here! Wow, 14 unique objects is really good result. One of them is really special because it only exists in Oramond! Are You interesed?

Areca Palm / Ficus Benjamina / Pendulum Clock / Drawer Cabinet 

Kidney table / Ornamented Stone Table / Taboret / Standind Mirror / wooden trunk (two types)


Timber Chair / Venorean Chair / Venorean Stool / Small Golden Taboret

Of course, we have video tutorial about it with english subtitles on our YT channel.

Despite the availability of furniture in other cities, I won't show them because we will create unnecessary mess on the website. Today we will only focus Oramond. 


By Dracek & small details by Tynusiiaa,  special for this article

Herze, Talera

Shivaru, Antica

Katarina Shadowbolt, Antica - both floor

Leisy Smash, Soldiera

Archive, don't remember but actual owner Guardian Girl have similar deco 

Svampis Bob, Vunira

Dominikk Salvadori Dimentico from Estela 
you have really beautiful mansion!

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  1. Great article!
    Decorations with these items look amazing!