Wednesday, January 13, 2021

HOME MAKEOVERS | Sky Lane, Guild 1 - Missy Mystique - Kenora


Hi! Do You like spontaneous decorations sometimes? I like very much but I have to feel confident at house to do it. I also have often to get used house before I decorate it in different ways.

My friend Missy Mystique asked me about help her create jungle at her guild house in Kenora. Of course, I immediately agreed to help her, because I really like this GH on Edron and I decorated it many times. The jungle theme isn't my main theme, although I like a lot of plants so much, I have never made a typical decoration in this style. Nevertheless, I decided to abandon my schematics and create what she wants. After all, when it comes to decoration, you have to be such a "Renaissance man" and stick to not only one topic.


Honestly, the Guildhouse just needed a refresh and little details. I created more organized space with table, bar, pool and of course campfire corner. I really like this! I hope that you and the owner like it too!

A F T E R 


orange x10 / bamboo table / 10x mango / bamboo table / bamboo leaves / occupied birdcage

wooden trash / flames of the percht queen / artist's easel x2 / stockfish / pomegranate

iron crown tree / jade zaoan pawn / ground reed / toy spider

ground reed / small round table / blood herb / troll green / cocktail glass

x5 wood / ground reed / raven herb / water pipe

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