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Quest Items | Feyrist Quests - A Dream Come True - The Swan Feather Cloak - Troubled Animals

Hi! Today we will take a closer look at three parts of the quest, often also called Feyrist Quest: access to this place and two others, during exploring. The set includes: Troubled Animals Quest \ A Dream Come True Quest \ The Swan Feather Cloak Quest. In addition you will get some nice and useful items for equipment, but also you can obtain many interesting decorative items.

First will be: Troubled Animals Quest. You need this quest to make Feyrist access.


tattered swan feathersnotes of a poacher fur of a wolf whelp

You can buy both items: feathers and fur from Black Bert, but paper can only be obtained during missions (in my opinion, it's a 20h cooldown if you lose it or need more) but after completed missions, it isn't longer possible. However, people often throw it away so it isn't difficult to get it.

Next is: A Dream Come True Quest.  In this Quest You can obtain beautiful rewards and some really nice items to decorations.


Quest rewards: 
interesing quest items:
items that you can obtain, but also buy from black bert: 

Main reward from this quest, blossom bag is really nice complementing of decoration, for example: gardens, ponds or girly rooms. For me it's one of the prettiest containers in game. Other items: gleaming starlight viallit moon mirrorand shining sun catcher they aren't only useful for protecting characters, but are also perfect as light sources - check article about light sources. In case of loss, their unloaded version can be bought from Black Bert, but we can only fill them once. Curiosity! Dark moon miror after use gives these effect on your character - but about effects we will talk soon...

R A V E N   H E R B

Raven Herb  is one of my favorite quest items ever! I love using it to make various stacks and also just laying it on the floor solo. It's a very nice twig, although this bright color won't match everywhere. You can obtain it from the bush during the Tibian night! and you can after completed quest. There are several spots where we can cut it, but unfortunately when you break one, can't do it more for 20hrs. Here are some locations:

M A G I  C A L   M U S I C   N O T E S 

Magical music notes is also nice item and you can obtain it during "Three lights" mission. Item disappears after 2hrs, so probably it isn't useful for home decorations - just for contests or rpg events with friends. You can obtain it every 20hrs, after completed quest when you use panpipes by the fountain (this location on screen). This means that you can get one item every 20 hours, which disappears after 2 hours... also if you use it. just for clarity.

It disappears when used, but has one of four effects:
  • regenerates 490-530 health points 
  • regenerates 220-270 mana points
  • increases speed by 100 points for 10 minutes 
  • turns us into a Faun (white version, not available as an in-game monster) for 10 minutes


If you done A Dream Come True you can start special quest: The Swan Feather Cloak - the last one dedicated  Feyrist. To make Swan feather cloak you will need x100 feathers. You can obtain it on the island.I love to decorate the stacks and floor with them, they look very nice in any quantity. Unfortunately, you can only get 40 of them per day. The rest can you can buy from players at the market or wait for the next day. These aren't the same feathers as in the previous quest. We can also get them after completing the quest!

Below I leave you spots locations, where you will obtain x5 feathers. You have to run around them, and after seeing the message, they will appear in our backpack. Of course, if yoy have capacity! You can only do this on a Tibian day!

Of course I prepared some stack ideas for you.
if you want name of item ask by comment

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All decorations by Myth Mine

Amy Meow, Firmera

Lorenco, Secura

Wendel'Snake, Kalibra - decoration by Tynusiiaa

Wendel'Snake, Kalibra - decoration by Tynusiiaa

Decoration by Tynusiiaa for Tibiopedia'Anniversary 2019 contest

Stack created by Tynusiiaa & Dracek

Fortune Wing 4 by Tynusiiaa, archive

Archive decoration by Tynusiiaa

Archive decoration by Tynusiiaa & Dracek

Archive decoration by Tynusiiaa

Bar at our GH by Tynusiiaa, not finished yet

Katarina Shadowbolt, Antica

Halls of Serenity, owned by Alejandro Torres - 
home makeover by Tynusiiaa & Dracek more about it here

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