Thursday, April 1, 2021


In Tibia, the only event related to Easter is  "Spring Into Life" (16.04 - 23.04). At this event, we can obtain a few items that will be useful for our Easter decorations.

During event we can obtain a lot of surprise nest and get:and coloured eggs:.

you can drop eggs from these monsters:
or buy from these NPC: 

In my opinion, these aren't many attributes when it comes to this holiday in the game, so I collected a few that can also help you create decorations. Eggs, tasty food and plants are essential - but we have a lot of these in the game that they require separate article. So we will focus on the rest! Liquids can be used as paints for painting eggs.

all knowing sausages / cake / carrot / carrot cake / carrot pie (using chameleone rune only)
 christmas cookie tray / vegetable basket / chocolate cake

artist table / artist's brush / artist's palette / basket / stuffed bunny / glowing carrot 
 carrot on a stick / Yirka's egg / red paint / magical paint
bunnyslippers / filthy bunnyslippers / flower wreath / powder herb / raven herb / star herb / veldt flower / mysterious metal egg

crackling egg / menacing egg / vibrant egg / dragon egg shells / dream essence eggs / egg 
egg of the many / hatchec rorc egg / rorc egg / tortoise egg

vials with different colors of liquids

I can't find any Easter decorations so I created one with two types of face. Happy Easter from TibiaStyle! If you have any deco, send it to us please!

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