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Hi! In today's article, we will focus on the Twenty Miles Beneath the Sea quest and the items that can be obtained from it for decoration. Just doing a quest doesn't give you any interesting reward apart from achievements, but quest items are really very interesting. By completing tasks, we can get:

broken orb of light undying / cursed gold / sea ear

nacre slab blue, red and yellow

orb of darkness eternal, everchanging, undying

Most of these items work the same way, ie we just have to write "lost" to the NPC to get another item. Sometimes we can have it in a backpack, and sometimes we have to put it on the ground. ATTENTION! for slabs, we recommend passing the mission and then asking for loss, instead of repeating the mission and running between portals!

conversation with NPC for slabs / cursed coin / sea ear

If you have a problem with getting to the places with slabs, I have prepared an auxiliary picture. We use exani hur up / down exactly in these places and in this character position!

The Fire-Feathered Sea Serpent / BESEECHED

The last part of the quest is the "beseeched" mission that we can only take during the special stage with Renegade Quaras. The good news is that when we pick up the mission at the stage but don't finish the quest, we'll be able to download orbs endlessly. Almost...

Orb of darkness eternal  you can do it several times during "beseeched". Just use "lost darkness orb". Don't forget about put it to the ground! Don't forget also that one orb "costs" one mind stone.

Orb of undying (or broken version)   you can do it several times during "beseeched". Just use "lost orb of undying". Don't forget about put it to the ground!
Orb of everchanging we can do it many times, without having to wait until the stage with renegade quaras (but we still have to start the beseeched mission and have 1x seacrest pearl for each orb)

ATTENTION! THE BESEECHED MISSION CAN ALSO BE TAKEN AFTER THE QUEST! Even if you've already surrendered your orbs during the renegade quaras stage, you can pick it up again and make your orbs.


Decoration by Dracek

Decoration by Tynusiiaa

Decoration by Jadxz

Decorations by Magiska Malin

Decoration by Ozen

Orbs as light sources

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