Tuesday, August 10, 2021


Hi! We welcome you after a long time. Every year, on August 1 the Hot Cuisine event starts. Practically adored by players (dishes often save us from death!), While in terms of performance - probably hated by many. Although the event itself isn't difficult, it requires focus in collecting ingredients, especially if we perform it on several characters. However, we don't focus on technical matters, so if you need help with quest - we refer you to e.g. Tibiopedia, but if you have any questions or doubts - to our partner TibiaQ under #hot-cuisine. Can we use stews and recipe books for something else? YES! of course, to decorate our houses :)

Awards from Hot Cuisine will be a nice addition to the kitchen, dining room, bar, but also to the garden or for a picnic. I myself often use them to decorate tables and table tops.

extra rewards:

ps. You know that some of them you can obtain EVERY YEAR from golden chests e.g. in Falcon Bastion. They are simple, cheap and also nice for decorations.


Tynusiiaa decided to change the kitchen-dining room a bit in the House Redd' guildhouse (you can see old version here). The previous look got a bit bored and was too colorful, but original layout of the kitchen is good so she decided to keep them and added some event dishes that are much more interesting than the traditional food in the game.

Our content creator, Jadxz decided to remake her original version of the competition entry a bit (you will also see it in inspiration). We love the idea with leave table, new version of the stove, and the use of silver dust as a flour sack, and you?

The last proposal is the kitchen that Tynusiaa made with Lodiusz on Kenora. Yalahar is quite a difficult city in terms of decoration, especially the kitchen, but we hope you will like it.


by Jadxz

by Develich

by Khalila

by Myth Mine

by Dominikk Salvadori Dimentico

by Maghuz

by Nerull

to be continued with kitchen & dinning room theme soon! 
Stay tuned!

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