Saturday, September 18, 2021


Hi! Today we focus on only one longer quest we can do on Rookgaard. The items that we can get in The Rookie Guard Quest and during our trip on the rook are really unique and are very popular in the mainland because we can't get them here.


STAR RING - one of mainly rewards from quest, only one per char
SMALL HEALTH POTION - you can get/buy only Rookgaard/Dawnport
ANTIDOTE POTION - you can get/buy only Rookgaard/Dawnport
ORACLE FIGURINE - you can buy from Raffael on Island of destiny (500gp)
WOODEN SWORD - you can obtain only during 1st mission on tutorial island 
SKINNING KNIFE - from 6th mission , if you wanna keep it you can't finish quest
SACK OF HERBS - from 4th mission. If you ask NPC Lily
 about "lost" you can get more than one! (but you can't have it in your backpack)
BOOK OF ORC LANGUAGE -  from 7th mission. If you wanna keep it,  put it on the ground. during give back mission.
 FLESHY BONE - you can open blue chest probably 20/24hrs - 12th mission  
Unfortunately,HEAVY STONE it is temporal and disappears.
I tried to move to the mainland, but he removed from backpack.

If you need more 'sack of herbs' ask Lily about "lost"

Oracle figurine only for PACC players


Orc' chill house by Tynusiiaa

First proposal: Orc' chill house. The main part is a garden with comfortable bedding, a place for weapons, delicious food on the grill and a mini lake. There is also a place for beloved animals - a horse, a bear and a wolf. Inside is his private library and office where he and his team conduct secret conversations about his war with the amazons.

By Tynusiiaa for Warriatuncio, Premia

by Luna Bathory Hetfield, Quintera

by Varoos Moon, Antica

by Psotnik Pokerface, Antica

by Luna Bathory Hetfield, Quintera

by Jadxz, Quintera


by Fok Esc

by Sir jay ponwon

by Alanui

by Aynah

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