Thursday, November 11, 2021



Hello! Every year, in 11th November beloved The Lightbearer event begins.  In addition to small prizes, as well as the possibility of raising a bit of your level, we get an increased exp by 10% in a party with shared for the whole world as well as a chance to get a mount Blazebringer next month. All informations about event and tips you can find at Tibiopedia in polish & english, but if you have any questions and doubts - you can visit TIBIA-QA and hashtag #thelightbearer.

Today's post will be short, but we wanted to encourage you to participate in this event. We know how difficult it is on some worlds, so maybe we can motivate you in terms of decoration!

Rewards for one basin: 
Rewards for ten basins:  
Only one time per char:  and mount(from St. Claus)


To convince you that the event can also be attractive in terms of decoration, we have prepared a small decoration with Dracek. We used unique items from the event such as:, and of course mount as podium of renown. Hope you like it! Let the Tibian world light up!

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