TibiaStyle [created 13.07.2020] is a website (available in english and polish) dedicated to the game Tibia. Tibia is MMORPG game by CipSoft. Our main goal is to create creative content about decorating housesYou will find here many creative thematic ideas, house metamorphoses, as well as helpful tutorials - often also videos! We also pay a lot of attention to the community, so you'll find lots of inspiration from players' houses as well.

The word "Style" however, means something more than just Tibian houses, so we also show not only decorations, but also cool places... in the future we want to expand the theme of the website with other topics (even in contests), for example: outfits and mounts!

Email: adm.tibiastyle@gmail.com

Name: Tynusiiaa / Antica
Instagram: @tynusiiaa

under construction, we are still looking for staff members

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